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On average, a customer will only spend a few seconds on a page online
and those first impressions count; if you have a bad website design,
they will simply leave.

The first thing that your customers will look at before they use your services or buy your products is your website. In a technological world, this is the first port of call for checking out a new business. This means that they are going to judge you based on the design, accessibility and information that your website presents them with. In other words, your website is the face of your company online and it is the most important platform you have to connect with your audience and gain new customers and repeat business. That is why it is essential that you get your website design right.

Having an out-dated or over complicated website is not good for your business. On average, a customer will only spend a few seconds on a page online and those first impressions count; if you have a bad website design, they will simply leave. That is why you have to look at your website through the eyes of your customers and think; does this give me the information I need and can I find what I am looking for? If the answer is no to either of these questions, then it is time for a new design.

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The good news is that a website overhaul is just what you need to improve your online identity, generate new business and build up new customers. Websites can be complicated to build and design, which means a lot of people opt for professional help for their business. After all, it can take time to manage your website and there is a need for expertise to get the job done. There is more risk of failure if you attempt to design your website yourself without marketing knowledge.

There is a lot that goes into designing a website, with all of the features having the function of improving a customer’s experience. if you get it right, this is a marketing strategy that works. It all starts with portraying and communicating your story and brand to relevant customers. This can be done with graphics and images, as well as the text that you present to an online user. In addition, the colours and font you use can improve your website design. It really is the little things that count and give your brand recognition. So, do not underestimate the job that has to be done to get your website right and for it to go live.

“ With more customers arriving on your website, this means there is a high chance of converting those numbers into sales and more revenue for your business.

Of course, while making your website look attractive is important, web layout and navigation is equally as important. You have got to make sure that the web pages are user friendly and customers can find exactly what they look for in a click of a button. This means creating menus and links that are easy to understand and find. Nobody wants to spend all day looking for what they need and they will simply go to one of your competitors.

The content of your website undoubtedly contributes to your website design. Nobody wants to read pages and pages of text that is irrelevant or badly written. So, every effort should be made to improve your website content when you are updating the design. There is where search engine optimisation (SEO) will give your website the boost it needs and give your brand more visibility online.

As an experienced and professional marketing agency, Azuri can help you improve your web presence through innovative design. We combine strategy with web development to make sure that your brand stands out from the competition in a good way. We can make sure that your business image is positive and engaging for customers and wants to make them stay on your website and of course, purchase your products or use your services.

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