“It isn’t the smartest nor strongest of species who survive, 
but those most responsive to change”


Case Study #1- Total Face Group
Service- Branding + Search Engine Optimisation + Design & Development + Online Marketing Management

As a new and exciting company with incredible goals on the horizon- Total Face Group required our expertise best app developers on all levels, to cover all bases. Only being provided with a logo, we then developed TFG’s online branding, a comprehensive bespoke website, commenced a comprehensive SEO campaign for the company as well an aggressive online marketing campaign to hit the ground running.

First things first, TFG needed a website- and not just any website. Inside only ONE month- we completed the design conceptualisation and planning phases, provided over 29,000 words of custom copywriting, developed a custom “treatment finder” tool, and completed the entire design and development of the site with just under 100 pages in total. This site didn’t only represent efficiency capabilities we can provide- but the end result gives justice to the incredible skills our team possess.

Meanwhile as the site was being built- we concocted a full scale targeted marketing campaign which aggressively and accurately targeted (and achieved) leads from several online platforms- with Facebook & Adwords being only the beginning. Within a month the campaign was generating leads at the same efficiency and cost per lead as other competitors were achieving- and within 6 months the campaign was running 3 times that efficiency, delivering an incredibly low cost per lead- and to this day delivers niche targeted clientele for an incredibly efficient cost per lead.

Simultaneously to the bespoke site development and comprehensive online marketing campaigns- the SEO campaign for TFG over 9 months has created a broad spectrum of new rankings in highly competitive areas- which drive considerable traffic to the site.

In combination- the above services each month in the last 6 months have generated between 20%-80% month on month growth of traffic and leads.

Case Study #2- Envisage
Service- Search Engine Optimisation & Traffic Generation + Design & Development 2013 – 2015

Upon engagement with Azuri, Envisage was in need of both aesthetic renovation as well as increased traffic and online visibility- to effectively result in a higher influx of ongoing leads.

Envisage Clinic had a small handful of organic Google rankings which were amounting to small amounts of new business- which we were engaged to create an ongoing search engine optimisation campaign to deliver both short term and long term goals, as well provide a great return on investment.

Initially targeting 20 keywords, within 8 months we had 95% of the terms on the first page of Google, with the majority of those keywords in the top 3 and top 5 results. We continued to add competitive and high volume keywords to the campaign until to this date we have hundreds of top 5 rankings for Envisage.

The result of this? Thousands of users in the exact target market, actively searching for a service- finding Envisage Clinic before other competitors- every single month on an ongoing basis.

In conjunction to the search engine optimisation of Envisage- we also introduced a breath of fresh air into the design of the website, with a beautiful & intuitive mobile responsive design gives users the ability to easily and effectively research and learn about various treatments which they offer.

Case Study #3- Jettison Inventory
Service- Custom Software & Application Development
Date- 2012 – 2015

At the top of their careers and the top of their game- 2 media experts came together with an idea which would change the way which media companies sell their online inventory- with an idea for an application called “Jettison Inventory”, which streamlines and automates the otherwise labour intensive process of selling media inventory into an efficient process which integrates into the systems in place in media companies.

Azuri designed and developed a mobile application in iOS, Android, and Blackberry 10- also developing a back end admin system in Ruby on Rails, with a front end marketing website. We developed all design and development aspects from the ground up- which the system is now being trialled in the biggest media companies on the planet in South Africa, the Middle East, North America, and Europe.

This application is a prime example of the potential in which well executed mobile applications can benefit everyday business, streamline necessary manual tasks- and increase efficiencies across companies large and small.