Case studies

The results we have achieved for our clients

Case Study #1
Dr Longin Zurek

298% increase of
traffic within
12 months


Taking over the reigns from an underperforming and over-promising agency, we had our work cut out for us. Now generating more leads some days than were previously generated in a week, there has been a monumental increase in inbound enquiries.

“In previous years the clinic has employed companies that claim to specialise in marketing for the medical industry. However, since switching to the Azuri Group less than a year ago, the results have been phenomenal. The previous companies do not even compare.”


Case Study #2
mira clinic

10%-30% Growth, every month.


Working from a clean slate, we had the freedom to allow our design team use their fearlessly creative skills to create something truly beautiful- and set goals for our SEO team to reach new heights of success.

“Azuri have helped me to grow my businesses rapidly through the implementation of a huge range of innovative and cost-effective online marketing techniques.”

dr andrew clark

Case Study #3

315% gain in enquiries overnight


With already monumental levels of traffic, Medaesthetics didn’t need more visitors- they needed more enquiries. By adhering to our own best practices with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) we TRIPLED the conversion rates of the Medaesthetics website, TRIPLING their enquiries without the need for any additional traffic.

“I cannot recommend Azuri highly enough. Our website conversion rates TRIPLED in 3 months”

dr ehsan jadoon

Case Study #4

102% traffic increase in 6 months
from commencement of SEO


Epiclinic had used the same agency for 10 years, and although the previous providers specialised in marketing the medical industry- Epiclinic felt a change was appropriate. Since the switch to Azuri, we have produced a 84% increase in traffic in as little as 6 months. In addition to this, we’ve developed a stunning new website for the clinic, which is a substantial improvement from the previous website.

Case Study #5
london cosmetic clinic

58% increase in revenue in 3
months for London Cosmetic


From building the London Cosmetic Clinic website through to the pro-active online marketing of the clinic with various digital initiatives, Azuri has assisted substantial growth of the clinic as the sole provider of marketing services. A clinic with revenue growing at a rapid pace, this is a perfect example of the growth we’re capable of producing.

“I have referred a number of different businesses to Azuri and will continue to do so. The proof is in their results.”


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