London Cosmetic Clinic

London Cosmetic Clinic

London Cosmetic Clinic

From building the London Cosmetic Clinic website through to the pro-active online marketing of the clinic with various digital initiatives, Azuri has assisted substantial growth of the clinic as the sole provider of marketing services. A clinic with revenue growing at a rapid pace, this is a perfect example of the growth we’re capable of producing.

Azuri produced a 58% increase in revenue in 3 months for London Cosmetic Clinic

The proof is in the results.

We operate within the very crowded and competitive industry of cosmetic medicine and injectables, and opened approximately four years ago, with little more than a website and print material for marketing. We had other companies start working for us and all of which failed to deliver on their promises, so we ended the arrangement to find a new online marketing provider.

I met with Azuri after being highly recommended to them by several clinics and professionals within the medical industry, and knew after looking at their SEO results & case studies that it was a great investment in future business.

I’ll admit I was initially skeptical as I’d been spending money on SEO “experts” without gaining any results, though they took the time to explain not only what they going to do, but how they were going to achieve the best results for my clinic.

Fast forward 18mths to the present day and our business is in the top 3-4 Google results for just about every conceivable search term within our industry. We now spend very little on other forms of advertising because we don’t need to, and the SEO results Azuri have achieved for my clinic continue to drive a consistent stream of leads to our website. I have referred a number of other businesses and clinics to Azuri and will continue to do so. The proof is in the results.


Areas of service

Branding, SEO, Web development, Graphic Design, Medical Copywriting


Notable Stats

• Our campaigns generated a 58% increase in revenue in 3 months for London Cosmetic Clinic

•  #1 Rankings for 40% of targeted terms, with the remainder all on page 1 of Google

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