Mira Clinic

Mira Clinic

Mira Clinic

With a solid 2 months of preparation- we established the foundations of one of the fastest succeeding traffic targeted SEO campaigns we’ve seen in history. With a stunning website and an ever-growing base of traffic- Mira Clinic is growing at an exciting pace.

10%-30% traffic growth, every month.

Working from a clean slate, we had the freedom to allow our design team use their fearlessly creative skills to create something truly beautiful- and set goals for our SEO team to reach new heights of success.

I can’t rate the team at Azuri highly enough.

I can’t rate the team at Azuri highly enough. The team at Azuri have handled all of my projects promptly and professionally. The quality of their design work is outstanding and the websites they have produced for me are both functional and beautiful.

Most importantly, Azuri have helped me to grow my businesses rapidly through the implementation of a huge range of innovative and cost-effective online marketing techniques.


Areas of service

Design, Web Development, SEO


Notable Stats

• A consistent MOM traffic growth of between 10%-30% every month

• Gross website traffic tripled between Jan-Jul 2017

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